Congo Bongo – Video Slot Review

Congo Bongo from Asylum Labs

Asylum Labs has done it again with Congo Bongo, yet another innovative video slot game with features and bonuses galore! In this beautiful jungle-themed slot, you’ll see various critters tap into their musical talents as they shower you with wins left and right. With three in-reel features and three bonus games, you’re a winner with almost every spin!

Jungle creatures to watch out for include the Gorilla Elvis impersonator, Elephant drummer, Slash-inspired African Viper bassist, and Lovebirds on keyboard – all of which are taller and cover two spots on the reel. They’re also the higher valued symbols. The Froggy Trio and Ten to Ace card symbols cover one spot on the reels and are the lower valued symbols. The Congo Bongo logo is the last regular symbol and pays the highest and is the only one that rewards a payout with only two on a winning payline.

Congo Bongo main game screen

Congo Bongo symbols

You’ll also see the cheeky Chameleon Wild, who can substitute for all symbols except the Bonus. The Bonus Trophy symbol only appears on the first, third, and fifth reels; all three appearing anywhere on those reels will trigger the Bonus selection screen, where you take your pick of the musical notes on screen. As soon as you match three identical icons, you’ll progress to that particular bonus game.

Sometimes, you’ll only get two Bonus symbols on the screen. While that’s usually cause for our hearts to sink in disappointment, that’s not the case in Congo Bongo! Our strappy chameleon host may decide to slap a VIP Pass on the last reel needed to trigger the Bonus Games.

Congo Bongo VIP feature

Congo Bongo bonus selection screen

Bonus Games

Jam Bonus Game

The Jam Bonus gives great rewards and really requires luck to make the most out of! Choose which member you want to play their solo first, and keep picking from there. The longer they play, the higher the win! The objective is to choose the band members in the correct order to maximize the payout. If the entire sequence is correct, they’ll play an encore together and increase your rewards even more!

Congo Bongo Jam bonus game

Congo Bongo bonus win

Tour Bonus Game

The Tour Bonus is a little more interesting and can stretch out for quite a bit of time if luck is on your side. This time, your jungle band is going on tour and you’re going with them! A map of the Congo River Basin serves as the starting point for the game. You’ll see several pit stops on the tour – including eight special locations. Click the ‘Rock It’ button to start your virtual dice, and your tour van will move along the path according to the value that lights up. Every time you pass the Starting Point, you get a cash award as a lap bonus as well!

Congo Bongo Tour Bonus main game screen

Landing on a regular pit stop grants a bet multiplier to increase your winnings. On the other hand, landing on a special location triggers a secondary selection screen where you have the option to choose one of six mystery rewards. Each choice contains a multiplier and some may also have an additional bonus rewards, like a Mega Multiplier, or even the Jam Bonus game!

Congo Bongo Tour Bonus special location pick screen

The Tour Bonus also contains a Leveling Up feature, where every move rewards “Points”. You’ll start at Level 1 but the blue bar at the top of the game screen will show your progress towards the next level. Whenever you level up, you get a cash bonus and access to more bonuses when landing on a special location. Leveling Up also increases your odds of winning in the base game (Level 1: 92.1%; Level 2: 94.1%; Level 3: 95.3%; Level 4: 97.0%). The great thing is, the Level Up progression continues from where you left off each time you trigger the Tour Bonus game!

The game only ends when the virtual dice lands on ‘Collect”.

Congo Bongo Tour Bonus level up

Money-For-Nothin’ Bonus Game

This is the bonus game with the highest potential for the greatest wins! The game starts with 10 free spins and a Wild neon chameleon that expands to fill the whole reel. The fifth reel also contains an additional symbol: the dragonfly. You need to collect enough dragonflies to complete a set. When you’ve achieved that, you get an extra two free spins and an additional expanded Wild chameleon. You can get up to three expanded Wilds and the winnings are sure to keep coming!

Congo Bongo Money-For-Nothin' game screen

Congo Bongo super mega winner

Apart from the VIP Pass feature, there are two other in-reel features that add to the unpredictability of Congo Bongo. Sometimes, the game may choose to completely ignore the original 50 fixed paylines. Instead, it will consider any identical symbols on consecutive reels as a win. With this All-Ways-A-Winner feature, there are 1,024 ways to win! You may also get the Lockin Rockin Respins feature wen a spin results in a loss. The first two reels will lock in place while the latter three spin again, hopefully resulting in a win this time!

Congo Bongo Lock'Rockin'Respins in-reel feature

Congo Bongo is an online slot game that’s just impossible not to enjoy! From top-notch graphics to catchy music to action-packed features and bonuses, you’re never going to get bored. Play Congo Bongo today!