Five Common Myths And Misconceptions About Slots

Five Common Myths And Misconceptions About Slots

Slots have been a big hit since they were introduced into saloons over 100 years ago. Even then, when they were mechanical, they had an air of mystery – something that’s intensified since they’ve evolved into video slots. Unfortunately, that mystery manifests into misconceptions that aren’t founded. Here are five of the biggest misconceptions about slots that you should be aware of, be it live or online at

False: Slot Machines Pay Off At Regular Intervals

Contrary to popular belief, each spin of the slot machine is completely independent from the last. The machine is not programmed to go through a cycle of winning outcomes. Nor should you fall for the Gamer’s Fallacy that says you’re “due” to win after a series of losses.

False: Staff Alter The Machines Remotely While You Play

The spread of server-based slots has made this a possibility, but for most machines, the staff would have to pry them open physically and re-program them by hand. As for the newer slots, there’s a rule in Nevada that a machine must be idle for four minutes before it can be changed.

False: Slot Machines By The Door Are Looser

Many businesses put their “loss leaders” by the door to lure customers in, but that’s not how it works at the casino. Generally speaking, the slots by the door are the newer games. If players seem to like these games, the casino will keep the machines and move them somewhere inside to create space for more new games.

False: Slot Machines Are Looser In The Daytime

This is another “loss leader” business argument that doesn’t hold true at the casino. There’s no real incentive for managers to make the slots looser during off-hours and tighter in the busy evenings. The last thing you want is to lose prime-time customers because they think the games are too tight.

False: Slots Pay Less When You Use A Player Card

There’s no need to be paranoid about player cards. The rewards you get are based on how much you play. Again, if customers think the machine’s too tight, they’ll play less, not more. Make sure you get your rewards card and use it when you’re playing live. It could be the difference between a winning and losing session.