Tumble Dwarf – Video Slot Review

Tumble Dwarf - Video Slot Review

Cayetano Gaming has done it again with this visual masterpiece! Tumble Dwarf is a  pleasant video slot game with 5 reels, 20 paylines, and 2 unique ways to play out your free spins.  There are also several bonuses scattered throughout the game that just make it all the more exciting. So keep your eyes on the Dwarf Wizard on screen. You never know what magic tricks he’s got up his sleeve!

Tumble Dwarf main game screen

Tumble Dwarf magical win

With the Crystal Ball symbol, anything goes. That is, it’s a Wild that’ll substitute for whatever symbol needed to score a winning combination. Other symbols in the game include a magical cauldron, spell book, bejeweled ring, and potion. You’ll also see the standard 10-A symbols that are of lower value.

You’ll find the Free Spins symbols on the first and third reels, but it’s not as straightforward as it seems. In order to win any free spins, the Free Spins symbols need to show up in tangent with either of two special symbols on reel 5. The first special symbol is the Tumbling Wins – you get to play up to 20 Free Spins where the Dwarf may enchant and improve some symbols to give you more chances to win. The second is the Potion Cabinet – pick the potions at random to reveal how many Free Spins, Stick Wilds, and Multipliers will apply.

Tumble Dwarf high value symbols

Tumble Dwarf tumbling win free spins

Other bonuses happen randomly during gameplay. The Dwarf starts his magic tricks by sometimes turning into an owl. When that happens, he immediately multiplying any wins on the current spin by up to 20 times! If he feels like it, he’ll double your wins sometimes, too. That’s not all he can do for you! When the Free Spins show up on reels 1 and 3 but the final triggering symbol isn’t on reel 5, well, let’s just say that the Dwarf can give the reels a nudge in the right direction. That’ll get reel 5 to spin again and maybe you’ll get those free spins this time around.

Tumble Dwarf owl win

Tumble Dwarf owl instant winnings

The crystal ball on the screen occasionally dishes out its own surprises, too. Maybe a few Big Wilds covering entire reels, 5 matching symbols on a winning payline, or several normal Wilds scattered throughout the reels. Keep an eye on it to see what your future holds!

Tumble Dwarf crystal ball trigger

Tumble Dwarf crystal ball bonus

With beautiful graphics and bonuses to last for hours, you’ll never get sick of Tumble Dwarf! Find more exciting slot games on OppaBet today.