Paywire – Video Slot Review

Paywire from Asylum Labs

Paywire is a simple but lively 3-reel, single payline slot game based on the “Haywire” machines of the good ol’ 70s and 80s. Asylum Labs has resurrected the classic game but incorporated a modern look and awesome features to bring it into the 21st century!

You’ll see three traditional symbols: the gold bars and lucky 7s, and the Paywire symbol. But that’s about the only thing still traditional about the whole game! The symbols spin on golden reels surrounded by flashing neon lights that flash even brighter when you hit a winning combination. Even the little screen that announces your winnings sparkle with fluorescent neon lights!

Paywire main game screen

Paywire symbols

It’s not just the main screen you’ll want to pay attention to, either! Let your eyes drift occasionally to the top of the screen to the flashy jumbotron. Here, you’ll see:

Game tips like, “Keep trying! Lady Luck is near…”, and “You can’t win big if you don’t play big!”

The occasional side comment like, “A cashless society? Heck no!”, and ‘Your luck just has to improve now!”

Random historical facts such as “A United States penny costs 2.4 cents to manufacture” and ‘The first currency was not gold, but wheat.”

Celebrations to your winnings like “OMGGGG!!” and “You rock!”

It all adds to the entertainment factor of the game, so keep your eyes open!

Paywire jumbotron saying "Amazing!" Paywire jumbotron saying "Winner!" Paywire jumbotron saying "This is fun!"

Paywire mega win

The Paywire Logo symbol pays out even when only on appears on the winning center payline. Scoring three of the Paywire Logo symbols awards the biggest win! It also acts as a Wild symbol when combined with other symbols to form a winning combination. Occasionally, it will randomly turn into a x2 Multiplier for the winning combination as well. If two x2 Multipliers form part of a win, then your winnings will be quadrupled!

Paywire Wild Win

Now, let’s talk about those new Paywire features. The first is the Nudge, which occurs completely at random. When a reel halts on a blank after a spin, the machine may “nudge” that reel up or down in order to increase your chances of winning! While this may occasionally deliver big wins, it’s the Haywire feature that’ll really get you excited. The Haywire feature also activates at random but always after a winning spin.  The machine will turn purple and shake around like it’s glitching but actually, it’s getting ready to multiply your wins! The reels will spin again, producing the same triggering win combination up to 9 times!

Paywire Nudge feature

Paywire Haywire feature

Go haywire over Paywire, one of the most exciting 3-reeled online slot games out there!