Pirate’s Charm

Pirate’s Charm

Pirate’s Charm is QuickSpin’s latest addition to its impressive video slot collection. It features 5-reels and 243 paylines and two simple yet high-payout bonus features. So, if you’re sailing towards big wins, Pirate’s Charm’s crew is who you take with you!

Pirate's Charm

From skulls adorning ships to fearsome pirate lords, Pirate’s Charm is made up of everything a pirate fan wants. With, of course, the symbols with the pirate faces being the ones that payout the biggest bounty.

Pirate’s Charm includes two bonus features that are integrated all throughout the game. They will be plenty once you start playing:

  1. Pirates Mystery Charms – These are the games’ wild symbols that turn into the symbol that gives out the best payout on the given paylines. That’s a pretty sweet deal considering there are 243 different wants to win on Pirate’s Charms!
  2. Black Ship Bonus Round – Pirate’s Charm main bonus feature is easy to play with as well! Getting 3 of the Black Ship Scatter Symbol on the 3 middle reels will land you on the Black Ship Bonus Round with 10 Free Spins to sail to big wins! But that’s not all! Pirates Mystery Charms will be active as well and remain as stickies all throughout the game. You can rest easy that you’ll be getting the best symbols for the most satisfying payouts in all the seven seas!

Pirate's Charm Slot Game Bonus Round

Pirate's Charm Free Spin Rounds

Pirates Charm’s dark motif doesn’t take anything away from the amount of fun you’ll be having. If anything, it will add to the excitement of looting high payout combinations in the gathering storm of bonus features the game has!

Pirate's Charm Free Spin Round

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