Roulette Statistics Strategy

Roulette Statistics Strategy

Do past outcomes affect future outcomes in gambling? While casino gambling experts have agreed for decades that one spin has no bearing on the next spin, the author of Gamble to Win Roulette, RD Ellison, insists that numbers do adhere to statistical probability when tested in large enough numbers. According to Ellison’s book, you can use this knowledge to learn how to win at roulette.

For a roulette wheel to be deemed unbiased and accepted in a casino, it must undergo a number of test spins, in which, each number is expected to show up within a number range, based on probability. Numbers should hit in a fairly distributed manner.

Ellison argues that if previous spins had no bearings on future spins, the results wouldn’t always be fairly distributed. Theoretically, some numbers could never even be spun in the testing phase. But that doesn’t happen in roulette tests. Numbers seem to want to show up in fairly consistent ranges, with very few deviations. Ellison calls this statistical propensity, and it’s only apparent when you look at large number of test spins – not each spin individually. This is key to his roulette strategy.

Erick St. Germain goes so far as to test 15,000 spins in 13 sessions and records the outcomes in his book, Roulette System Tester. He includes the number of times each number hits in his Single Number Distribution Chart, and most numbers did show up in a range that was close to what was expected based on statistical probability. The biggest range was a number that showed up 16 times in one series of 1,140 spins and 50 times in another series of 1,140 spins.

Although the data is compelling, it’s impossible to know if these findings would stand up over billions of trails, which would be necessary to determine if it can truly lead to a winning roulette strategy. One thing’s for sure, if roulette wasn’t profitable for casinos, they wouldn’t offer it to players. Think twice before purchasing betting systems that market roulette secrets and promises to get rich quick.