The Lost Riches of Amazon – Video Slot Review

The Lost Riches of Amazon from Foxium

Join our little blonde adventurer in The Lost Riches of Amazon, the 20148-payline video slot game from Foxium. Here, she scouts every corner of the rainforest to look for hidden treasures and bonus features on the 5 reels and 4 rows! Even the sneaky hunter that follows her every move provides useful when activated in a bonus game. The Lost Riches of Amazon includes Expanding Wilds, Free Spins, a Multiplier Wheel and a Match-Two game with free credits.

The Lost Riches of Amazon main screen

 The Lost Riches of Amazon epic win

Each spin gives 2048 chances to win as there are no set paylines in this game. As long as you get at least three identical symbols on consecutive reels, you’re a winner! The winning paylines have to start from either the leftmost or rightmost wheel, though. The first special feature in the base game is the Lucky Coin Respin. When it spears, the reels will automatically respin until another winning combination is hit.

The base game has two progress meters on either side of the screen. The rightmost meter slowly fills up with every Wild that appears on the screen. Get 12 Wilds and the meter awards an additional 3 Wilds randomly on the screen. Wilds can replace any symbol except the Lucky Coin respin and the Golden Monkey head.

The Lost Riches of Amazon WIld Wheel

The meter on the left side is for the Golden Monkey Head. With every 10 Golden Heads collected, you trigger a bonus game. When the collection reaches 40 Golden Heads, the counter resets and starts from the bottom. The first bonus game at 10 Golden Heads is the Match-Two Game.

In the Match-Two Game, you’ll have to keep picking tiles on the 5×4 board, with the aim of getting two matching symbols. When matched, you’ll receive a random money prize depending on the symbols uncovered. The game only ends when you uncover both “End Game” symbols, which is a skull and bones.

The second bonus game at 20 Golden Heads collected is the Wheel of Fortune. This has two levels to it: first, the outer layer will spin to determine the base stake of your winnings. When that settles, the inner layer will spin to determine the multiplier. Your total winnings will be the stake times the multiplier awarded!

The Lost Riches of Amazon match-two screen

The Lost Riches of Amazon Bonus/Multiplier wheel

At 30 Golden Heads, you’ll get the first of two different Free Spins games. You’ll get 8 Free Spins with Progressive Wilds, with your chances of getting a Wild increasing with each spin. While it’s not possible to keep collecting Golden Heads in this game, you may still get a Lucky Coin which will give you an additional free spin.

Finally, you’ll get the Tall Wilds free spins when you’ve collected 40 Golden Heads. You’ll get only 5 free spins in this last bonus game, but it also comes with Tall Wilds! If the Wild Hunter symbol appears on the leftmost and/or rightmost reel, he’ll grow to his full fight, covering all 4 rows of the reel. He then acts as a Wild during the current spin, guaranteeing higher winnings!

The Lost Riches of Amazon progressive wilds

The Lost Riches of Amazon tall wilds

You’re bound to find treasures galore in The Lost Riches of Amazon!