Ticket to Paradise – Video Slot Review

Ticket to Paradise from Asylum Labs

Asylum Labs wasn’t kidding when they named this game Ticket to Paradise. With all the bonus games and in-reel features it has to offer, you’ll really feel like you’ve traveled to paradise! Whether you prefer to relax on the beach with a drink in hand, go on an island adventure, or take luau classes, Ticket to Paradise has everything to offer for your virtual getaway.

The game’s high-paying symbols are also taller, covering two spots on the reel. These include the Luau Surfer, Jumping Dolphin, Island Attire, and Tropical Cocktails. Other regular symbols cover only one spot and include the lei, game logo, and card symbols Ten to Ace (each with a beautiful view of the horizon as design). Of course, you’ll also find the perennial Wild symbol, ready to substitute for any regular symbol needed to get any of the 50 paylines.

Ticket to Paradise main game screen

Ticket to Paradise game symbols

In-reel Features

Every now and then, the game will award you with one of three in-reel features during the main game. Our toned and muscular Luau Host comes in handy then, dishing out the All Ways A Winner, Aloha Lei, or Beach Break Respins features.

All Ways A Winner

With this feature, the game basically ignores all of the 50 fixed paylines. Instead, you’ll be rewarded as long as identical symbols appear on consecutive reels! You know what that means? That means a whopping 1024 ways to win!

Beach Break Respins

On a spin that doesn’t result in a win, the first two reels will lock in place while the rest spin again. When the remaining reels land, hopefully you’ll be on the receiving end of huge winnings!

Aloha Lei feature

It usually takes 3 Bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 to trigger the Bonus Games. When only two appear on screen, the Luau Host might throw a lei onto the last reel needed to trigger the Bonus. Think of it like a Wild symbol – but exclusively for bonuses!

Ticket to Paradise in-reel features

Ticket to Paradise aloha lei feature

Bonus Games

Ticket to Paradise also features three delightful bonus games. When triggered, you’ll see a beachside Bonus Selection Screen with a variety of symbols asking you to “Pick me”. Keep picking symbols until you get three identical ones and you’ll know which Bonus Game you’ll be playing!

Ticket to Paradise bonus selection screen

Ticket to Paradise bonus win

Luau Party Bonus

It’s time for you to put on a show! A luau show, to be more specific. Your dancers and musicians are on the stage and ready for their solo performances. Choose your performers and the longer they play or dance, the bigger your awards. If you get lucky and choose them in the exact right order, they’ll give you an encore performance that’ll pay out even bigger awards!

Ticket to Paradise Luau Party bonus

Island Explorer Bonus

In this bonus game, you’ll see a map of the island and see various major vacation activities like the waterslides, volcano exploring, or whale-watching. Can’t decide which one to try first? Well, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to try all of them! As you journey around the island, each stop has a special reward waiting for you in the form of a win multiplier. The special activity areas have a secondary Reward Pick screen where you’ll have a chance to win cash or mystery rewards! Each move around the map also gives points that will help you progress to the next level. Leveling up makes your totem a little bigger and increases your odds of winning in the base game. Every time you pass the starting point, you’ll get a large cash bonus as well! All of your winnings are added and paid out when your adventure ends.

Ticket to Paradise – Video Slot Review

Ticket to Paradise – Video Slot Review

Underwater Treasure Bonus

You immediately start off as a winner with ten free spins and a beautiful Luau Dancer Wild that fills up an entire reel randomly with each spin! An additional Coconut Drink symbol will appear at times on the fifth reel – your goal is to collect enough of them to complete a set. Do so and you’ll get an additional 2 free spins and 1 Luau Dancer Wild reel. Keep collecting the Coconut Drinks and you could get up to 3 Wild reels and amazing rewards!

Ticket to Paradise underwater bonus

Ticket to Paradise super mega win

It’s not uncommon for game providers to recycle some of the features they’ve used in other games, and those in Ticket to Paradise are very much reminiscent of those in Congo Bongo. That doesn’t make it any less fun, though! Especially not when the graphics are as beautiful as they are with both games. Asylum Labs is a true mastermind when it comes to providing hours of fun. Play Ticket to Paradise today!