Vikings Go Berzerk – Video Slot Review

Vikings Go Berzerk

Go on another epic sea-faring adventure with the Vikings from Yggdrasil Gaming. If they’ve gone Wild in the first, they’re going berserk over this one! Vikings Go Berzerk is slaying their way into our screens and boy are we glad to see them again.

Vikings Go Berzerk main screen

Out with the sea snakes and on to fighting mythical sirens. This 5-reel 25 payline slot game looks as promising as its predecessor. Fill up the Rage Meter with the appearance of Viking Symbols and the Free Spins you get. The Rage Meters, once filled up, will give you 7 Free Spins along with wave after wave of wilds to slay the sirens and collect their booty!

But as the dangers become more threatening, something amiss lingers in the midst of the adventure. The end times, known as the Ragnarok feature is heralded by a random reward given at the start of free spins. The world begins to crumble and all the Vikings become enraged, turning into Wilds. With Ragnarok, the only thing that’s going to end is the drought of wins!

Vikings Go Berzerk Ragnarok mode

Vikings Go Berzerk winning from free spins

Adding a little spice to an already awesome mix, there’s a random chest that appears on the reels that gives you extra prizes. You can get anything from it! Better play Vikings Go Berzerk and find out what Ragnarok has in store for you. Play now!

Vikings Go Berzerk treasure chests